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Alerts about watergardens and fish that will be of interest to our members.

Chloramines in Water
           To all using Illinois American Water except Pekin
      Please be aware that the Illinois American Water in Peoria are now using chloramines to disinfect the water. So far this only affects Illinois American Water, ( including Hanna City, Bellevue, Rome, Dunlap, etc.) If you are unsure please call your water company and ask. Chloramine will be used in more and more communities. Chloramines will not dissipate by spraying into the air. They will last for a long long time and will kill your fish. Instead of attacking the gills, it goes into the blood vessels and kills them. Chloramines are chlorine combined with ammonia. Some water treatments will break down the chloramines into chlorine and ammonia, but if it doesn't break down the ammonia, it still could be a killer! Not all treatments list this information on the label. Kullscape sells Pond Detoxifier and doesn't list this, but the information sheet lists that it does treat both chloramine and ammonia. There is another product that the AKCA recommends called AmQuel which handles both. Plus there are many others. Just make sure to read the label and if they don't say, call the company. These may be added to your pond just before you add untreated water.
    You may also look into a garden hose filter sold by, and, as well as others.
    Chloramines will affect the safety of automatic waterers. Unless the chloramines are treated before the water is added to your pond, it will kill your fish!!
    Already fish have been killed in Peoria not knowing of this change. Please heed this alert before you add water into your pond.

Salt Alert
Cattleman's Fine Stockman's salt has started to add yellow prussiate of soda to some of its bags. Do not use it! It can harm your fish over a long period of time. If you have used it once or twice, your fish will be fine. Always read the back of the bag to be sure the ingredients stay the same. It can change from time to time due to EPA and moisture content. Only use salt that has no additives.

Koi Virus Alert
This alert is contained in a PDF document. Click here to see it.

Winter snow Alert!

Sweep the snow from the surface of your pond; you may use a broom, shovel or scraper. Sunlight needs to penetrate the ice so that the algae does not die and use the precious oxygen in your pond. Be very careful around your pond, we dont want anyone breaking thru the ice. Never chop a hole in the ice, if your pond has frozen over completely put non-iodized salt on a spot to open the pond. You may also place the 1500-watt heater directly on the ice and it will heat its way thru. You can drill a hole in the ice and then place an air stone thru it. The movement of water will help to open up your pond.

Dont put the snow into your pond water; it will create a slush effect. This is bad for the fish and death will occur.

Be a responsible pond owner!!